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31 Mart 2012, Cumartesi 03:29

Turkish Offshore Racing Club


Turkish Offshore Racing Club arranges offshore and inshore races with windward/leeward and navigational routes throughout the year. The races start by the Fahir Çalikbaş Trophy in the beginning of March and the season ends in December by the Winter Trophy races.

The Marine Forces Trophy- Offshore Race which is the most prestigious and longest offshore race that TAYK has been organizing continuously since its establishment will be held for the 37th time this year while The Marmara Trophy for the 33th and the Winter Trophy will be for the 23th time.

For the participation please contact;

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In our country surrounded by the sea on three sides, yachting and sailing are rather advanced thanks to some old institutions. Love for sailing which started with the navy school ships and than going spread with the sailing sandals, with the support of the sailing clubs on our shores, brings out the pleasant results within the international community. Turkey Offshore Racing Club (TAYK) without a doubt is one of the leaders of this progress.

On the 08.05.1971, the famous Turkish yachters of the time that participated the races; Cent ARDAN, Samim ARDUMAN, Faruk BİRGEN, Fahir ÇELİKBAŞ, İzzettin ÇİNTAV, Süleyman DİRVANA, Spiridon ETNOPULOS, Kerim KERİMOĞLU, Muhittin ÖNEY, Nedim ÖZGEN, Alberto PENHAS, İzzet PENSOY, Şakir SABUNCUOĞLU, Semih TUĞLU and Muammer TUKSAVUL, founded the Offshore Racing Club (AYK) in order to realize the yacht races according to international rules, to bring also the international measurement and handicap systems to Turkey, to invite the foreigner yachters to the races that would take place in Turkey and for Turkish yachters to be able to represent Turkish yachting by participating the races in overseas.

By the time it was founded AYK started working on the IOR system, which was the most commonly used ‘measurement and handicap’ system around the world in those days, by training up measurers in England and organizing races in that class. As there were no marinas in Istanbul in those days and the yachts had to spend the winter on land, they only had a limited time in between June and September for organizing 3 races only; Marmara Trophy, The Triangle Route Race and Turkish Navy Foundation Trophy.

The first international organization was in 1980, bringing a leg of La Trans Mediterranée Race to Kuşadası and organizing the Kuşadası - Pireas lap. After extending the Marine Forces Trophy till Salonika in 1990, with the support of Foreign Affairs, they organized the ‘ Friendships Cup’ Races together with Nautical Club Thessaloniki in 2000, leading the winds of friendship blowing through the Aegean Sea.  

With the marinas being constructed in the mid 1980s, and the yachts prolonging their stay in the sea, AYK extended racing season from beginning of March till the middle of December by first adding Spring and than Winter Trophy races and other new races within those two.

In 1993, by the sentence of the Cabinet dated 12.06.1993 numbered 93/4531 it was added ‘Turkey’ and the club’s name became ‘Turkish Offshore Racing Club’ (TAYK). Our club, to become its name, for both contributing the raise of a sailor generation and to put Turkey’s name on the map, leaded the establishment of other sail and yachting clubs around Turkey such as Göcek Yacht Club, Marmaris International Yacht Club, Turgutreis Bodrum Yacht Club, Aegean Open sea Sailing Club, Foça Sailing Specialization Club and organizes races in all our other seas ( such as Göcek Yacht Week, Marine Forces Trophy, East Aagean Sailing Week, Marmaris International Yachting Week, Bodrum Cup, Foça Regatta, Christmas Regatta, Black Sea Cup) other than all the local races that organizes in Istanbul.

TAYK thinks of the other sailing clubs not as a competition but as partners and maintains friendly relationships just as a sailor would do.  

TAYK, adding the yacht owners in Turkey to its structure, as a result of their belief that love and tolerance becomes stronger with the unity in the seas, serves to all yachters both on technical and cultural basis and not only to its members, but to everyone from centerboard users to university students, addressing a wide crowd of yacht sportsmen, aiming to raise the number of sailors.  

Our valuable commodores since the establishment of TAYK in 1971;

(1971-1980) Fahir Çelikbaş
(1980-1986) Ertan Balin
(1986-2002) Samim arduman
(2002-2006) Ergin İmre
(2006-2008) Alp Doğuoğlu
(2008-       ) Serdar Kısadere

and their boards have ruled by passing the torch from one and other.
In conclusion TAYK; has been trying to implement the fact that our mighty Atatürk stated in his saying; ‘Turkey, with its beautiful geographical condition of being surrounded by seas on three sides, and with its industry, commerce, and sports, has the ability to raise the most advanced sailor nation. We should know how to benefit from this ability; we must think of Marine as the big national ideal of the Turks and accomplish it soon.’

Gathered By: Cahit R. ÜREN – March 2007 - Updated February 2009


TAYK (Turkish Offshore Racing Club) which is accepted to be the leader of yachting and sailing in Turkey was established in 1971 and they started working on opening their sailing school by the end of 2008 in order to improve sailing and to carry over their ancient marine culture and knowledge within Turkey which is surrounded by the sea on three sides.

TAYK has a large scale of training courses such as The Basic Sailing Training, The Advanced Sailing Training, Hello Sailing, Corporate Team Building, A Taste of Sailing, A Peace of Mind (Brunch on the Islands) and all the personal and corporate services are assimilated by the experienced trainers that has both the coaching certificate from TYF ( Turkish Sailing Federation ) and the first aid certificate.